Growth hacker and public speaker.

As a growth marketer, I am your one-stop solution on how to effectively market your company, making it all the more profitable.

As a speaker, I preach about generations and growth mindset. 

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Mikael Hugg is speaking at Epicenter Event on stage


Let’s talk about speaking engagements

As a speaker, I preach about generations and a growth mindset. 

I teach how to fall in love with failures and why it is vital for our success and more importantly, how it is relevant for our future. In addition, I also aid individuals and companies in understanding millennials and generation Z better and how they’re impacting the world for the better as we speak. Currently, I am represented by MySpeaker, the number one speaking agency in the Nordics.


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My background and relevant experience

I’ve been helping companies like EY, Ramboll, and many others to grow and develop.

I’ve also been a Millennial Advisor for the Board of Directors at Nordic insurance company IF and Finnish teleoperator Elisa.

Over the past several years, I have been featured by major Finnish media outlets such as; Kauppalehti, YLE, and Optio. I have a master’s in Economics, I am an alumnus of the prestigious Finnish startup accelerator KIAUS and am also a member of Node by Slush.

Mikael Hugg is speaking at Messukeskus on stage


Let’s talk about growth hacking

As a growth marketer, I am your one-stop solution on how to effectively market your company making it all the more profitable.

My services are divided into two parts: design and technical execution.

In the design phase, I create sales and marketing funnels as well as growth hacking experiments. My background of having worked as a graphic designer for companies like Adidas and Sony, enables me to design visual logos and other graphical content.

In the technical phase, I concentrate on building websites and landing pages. I also create and optimize clients’ social media marketing campaigns, and design Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Minimum Sellable Product (MSP) stage web and mobile applications.

By utilizing WordPress, growth hacks, and several no-code platforms, I’m able to work quickly and effectively, ultimately lowering your costs.

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