Mikael Hugg is a keynote speaker, growth culturist, and entrepreneur.

Let’s talk about learning. failure. growth.

Future success factors for individuals and organizations will hinge on their growth attitude, ability to renew, and desire for continuous learning. Mikael has helped both individuals and major listed companies to get back on track.

Growth is for everyone. That means you too.

From fixed mindset to growth culturist.

Being content with what you have will short-change your future self.

We live in very interesting times. For the first time in human history, we are witnessing a shift from offline to online.

This is such a massive change that it’s difficult to comprehend its magnitude. All our previous lifestyles will change radically. In a couple of centuries, historians will surely have given this period a catchy name.

But what does this change mean for you or your organization in particular? The biggest change in the near future will concern the way we live and work.

More precisely, this change will rid us of boring routines at work and liberate us to do what we’re best at – using our intellectual capacity.

Whether that’s good or bad really depends on yourself. If you’re happy with your current skill set, the future may look rather bleak. On the other hand, if you’re willing to let go of your reactive self and become a proactive learner, to fall in love with failure and get carried away by continuous change – you’re going to have a whale of a time!

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What people have said about Mikael

Live on stage

Although the current situation is not ideal for live events, presentations can still be arranged in well-planned physical meetings.

Live remotely

Mikael makes many of his live appearances via remote connections. An event can be streamed or presented directly from your event organizer’s studio, or by joining your stream from our own studio.

Live during team days

Team and staff meetings are one of the most popular event types. Whether your event is done remotely or at your office, request an offer, and we’ll plan an inspiring keynote speech just for your staff.

My main themes

Learn to cherish failure, and you’ll succeed

Failures when creating something new are a data point on the path to success. The most successful organizations embrace culture with a systematic investment in failure. Instead of following your own or your staff’s successes, I will help you to focus on failures and view them as the best indicators of success.

Learn to understand millennials and generation Z

Online generations will revolutionize not only business but also consumer behavior. By understanding what makes millennials and generation Z tick, you’ll be investing in your company’s future.

Learn to learn and enjoy a richer life

In the future, one of the key traits sought in individuals will be how well they can renew themselves. Being able to view the world, not as a series of threats but a range of opportunities will make your life richer. By learning the skill of continuous learning, you are also guaranteed to become a sought-after asset in the future.

Constantly Failing Growth Hacker.

I’m Mikael Hugg, a serial screw-up and patron saint of experimentation. In the high-flying world of startups, continuous failure is your bread and butter, because without experimentation and innovation business will grind to a halt – and that’ll be the end of you. 

But it is exactly because of my long series of trial and error that I have succeeded more than I could have imagined and accomplished some amazing stuff. 

By throwing yourself into your discomfort zone, by doing things you had no idea about, and by spending time with people outside your comfort zone, you can understand more and have eureka moments more often.

And that’s what life is all about. The greatest success comes through painful experiences – both at work and in life in general. By letting go of fixed ideas and allowing yourself to be steered by a growth mentality, you can achieve more professionally and personally than you ever imagined.

Professional background and speaker profile

Mikael (M.Sc. (Econ.) is a startup entrepreneur, growth hacker, keynote speaker, and a Millennial Advisor to the boards of directors in some of Finland’s biggest publicly listed companies. He is a sought-after keynote speaker in the corporate world, thanks to his good humor, candor, and clever insights. He’ll shake up people to bring out the joy and enthusiasm we need to upgrade ourselves to the next level.

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