A Futurist, Keynote Speaker, and Visionary Growth Hacker.

What the future of work looks like, and how will technology transform the way we work? How to learn anything fast, and why action matters most? Why understanding generations like Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha is crucial to your future growth?

I help your audience peek around the corner, teach them how to embrace failures, and show them how to stay relevant tomorrow.

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What people say about me

Mikael Hugg is speaking at Epicenter Event on stage


My secret sauce

No one really knows what will happen in the future. That is an undeniable fact. 

But when you’ve spent enough time founding disruptive startups, learning how to learn anything ultra-fast, and understanding the incredible impact of new generations, you start to have this educated guess on what’s going to happen next.

And this is my story. When you add endless curiosity, higher education’s (MSc) analytical attitude towards data, and holistic experience from various industries from being a visionary startupper to a Millennial advisor for global, publicly-traded companies’ Board of Directors, you get me, Mikael Hugg.

For a Millennial in his early 30s, I have lived, experienced, and experimented more than many. I have had businesses from Finland to Dubai and Mexico. I’ve founded a startup that created a whole new business industry within 2,5 years. I’ve failed miserably. But I’ve also achieved success beyond expectations.

Now I’m telling my story and realizations infused with my views and takes on tomorrow’s work life. Some of my stories make you laugh; some of them give you chills and cold sweat. But most of all, my talks will inspire you to become a better version of yourself.

Media coverage and other merits worth mentioning

Over the past several years, I have been featured by major Finnish media outlets such as; Kauppalehti, YLE, and Optio. I am also an alumnus of the prestigious Finnish startup accelerator KIUAS and a member of Node by Slush.


Live and streamed events

I do live and streamed keynote speeches.

Since the live performances require traveling and more time reservation, the final price will be decided individually, based on the country and the nature of the event. 

The standard rates for the year 2022 speaking engagements are as follows:

60 min Keynote

For online, streamed events. Includes 10-15 minutes of questions from the audience

45 min Keynote

For online, streamed events. Includes 10-15 minutes of questions from the audience

30 min Keynote

For online, streamed events. Includes 10 minutes of questions from the audience

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Mikael Hugg is speaking at Epicenter Event on stage


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Understanding what lies ahead is crucial to anyones’ success.

I help your audience to figure out where the world is going from the perspective of technology, work skills, and mental greatness. Make your event inspiring and thought-provoking by booking me to your next event.

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